TRC Embarks on a Modern Advertising Transformation

TRC Embarks on a Modern Advertising Transformation

Posted August 31, 2023

In any marketing endeavor, a paramount rule is to keep your approach relevant and engaging. This is particularly true in today’s digital age, where change and the ability to implement something new or fresh is easier and more expected than ever before.

Is an Update Really Necessary? This begs the question. Is updating really necessary? It is. The analog era is essentially behind us. In today’s fast-paced world, with some changes hurtling at us with lightning speed, it is imperative to remain current with trends and technologies. TRC has decided to update our marketing efforts because we want to be at the forefront of our industry segment that deals with recycling mercury-containing thermostats. We hope to demonstrate to our audience – HVAC contractors, wholesalers, and the public – that we are innovative, forward-thinking, and, most importantly, still committed to our recycling goals.

Remaining Relevant: When your marketing stagnates, it suggests that you are outdated or disconnected from the marketplace. For example, TRC decided to enhance our marketing efforts by using a QR code on our messaging, providing a seamless and engaging experience for our partners and consumers. QR codes are widely recognized as a convenient technology and offer a simple, recognizable, practical way to deliver our message. It’s so ubiquitous that many restaurants, for example, don’t bother with a menu. Scan the QR to see what offers are available. We intend to implement QR codes, particularly with our print media outreach.

Now, that’s a design. We have also changed our graphic design, creating a more friendly and modern look. No matter how successful a visual product is, it often acquires a dated sense of design. Sometimes, a simple change or adjustment provides a fresh, even sparkling look. Our new look offers a stronger call to action (a quick link to a recycling site) and language that more forcefully says we are part of the solution.

I also believe that these changes should reflect a fundamental premise here at TRC. We are unafraid of change and will continue searching for innovative ways to reach our audience in the quest to safely recycle any mercury-containing thermostats still out there.

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