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Learn about the advantages of using smart thermostats.

The smart thermostat industry is booming.  Sales of smart thermostats hit $1.1 billion in 2016.  Navigant Research predicts that this number will swell to $4.4 billion by 2025.  People want this new technology in their home. The consumer understands the value of smart thermostats and will continue to have them installed in homes, offices, etc., because of the benefits they offer.

Today, homeowners, facility managers and maintenance engineers know that improved thermostat technology means energy efficiency, savings and much more.  In just the last few years, the thermostat industry has rapidly changed. Programmable electronic thermostats replaced old mercury containing thermostats. Now, programmable thermostats are “old school.”  The leading edge in thermostat technology is the WiFi enabled smart thermostats.

Eight advantages of smart thermostats

  • Take human error out of the equation. Smart thermostats learn your schedule and preferences, making it easy to be energy efficient by letting the thermostat handle the dropping and raising of the home’s temperature while you come and go.
  • Keep an eye on your home. Your smart thermostat is like a window into your home – check the companion app while you’re away from home to see if the heat’s running (and at what temperature).
  • Adjust the temperature anywhere. Coming home early from work? Heading home from the airport? Still in bed and just wish it was a bit warmer? If you’ve got your mobile device handy, you’ve got control of your thermostat!
  • Get email alerts. Certain smart thermostats support email alerts in the event of your home’s temperature falling or rising outside of your pre-determined range.  If your thermostat is disconnected from its network, perhaps due to a power outage, you can be notified of that, too.
  • Save energy. The whole point of a smart thermostat is to save you money on your heating and cooling bill by nudging you towards energy-saving settings. Depending on your current habits, letting the smart thermostat manage your home’s climate automatically could save you a bundle.
  • Program it with ease. Our top rated smart thermostats are all easy to use, thanks to their modern screen designs and highly-rated companion apps. If you’ve had a hard time with programmable thermostats in the past, you’ll love this new generation of well-designed thermostats.
  • Analyze your energy use. Curious about how much your heat ran last month? The report can tell you that. It can also tell you how much energy you used compared to other users, and reward you for using energy-efficient settings.
  • Set vacation mode. Smart thermostats make it easy to set the temperature while you’re away without messing up your existing settings.

Source:  https://smartthermostatguide.com/8-smart-thermostat-advantages 

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