Safe Storage and Transport

Please comply with the following guidance on storage and shipping. TRC does not accept anything but mercury thermostats in its collection containers. For a downloadable PDF of these instructions, click here.

For Collection Sites

  • Do not accept mercury bulbs, liquid mercury, leaking thermostats or any other product that contains mercury.
  • Nothing goes in the collection container other than wall-mount mercury switch thermostats.
  • Do not ship TRC loose or elemental mercury as it is hazardous waste and cannot be transported as universal waste.

Failure to comply with TRC policies may result in the termination of your location’s participation in the program.

Collection Containers

Upon receipt of a new or returned container, check to make sure you find the following items:
  • One plastic bag liner for lining the collection container.
  • In an envelope attached to the inside are three tie wraps to seal the liner and bin, one pre-paid shipping label, and one Accumulation Start Date Label.
  • If it does not contain a liner, contact TRC for a replacement.
To use the recycling container, follow these steps:
  1. Unfold the plastic bag liner and use it to line the recycling/shipping container.
  2. On the Accumulation Start Date Label, write the date on which the first thermostat was received and placed in the container. The container must be returned within one year of this date if it contains one or more mercury thermostats.
  3. Monitor collections closely to ensure compliance with TRC policy and state and federal regulations.
To Ship:
  1. Verify the container only contains whole mercury thermostats. If it contains anything else, contact TRC. 
  2. To prepare to ship, fold the plastic bag liner closed and use the bag tie to seal the bag.
  3. Flip the container lid closed, taking care to overlap the “jaws” properly. Secure by placing tie wraps through the holes on each end of the container.
  4. Fill in your company name and address on the top of the pre-paid shipping label. If you are missing the liner or need a replacement pre-paid shipping label, contact TRC.
  5. Place the pre-paid shipping label on the top of the collection container. Include the collection container with your next outgoing shipment or call the carrier for pickup. Retain the tracking numbers in the event you need to confirm receipt of bin by TRC.
  6. The container will be returned empty in approximately 10 business days.
  7. If your bin does not return within 10 business days, contact TRC.

Visit our Instructions for Shipping PDF for more detailed information on how to schedule a pick-up through Fed-Ex.

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