TRC: A YouTube Star?

TRC: A YouTube Star?

Posted July 8, 2020

Throughout the communications emanating from Thermostat Recycling Corp., whether it’s newsletters, press releases or blogs, we have tried to capture the story of our mission. In our efforts, we have explained our recycling program, written profiles of people in the recycling community, and penned how-to articles about the recycling process. All of these —and many more — are our efforts to provide you with an insider’s view of how we conduct our business.

And then there is YouTube. I had a colleague who randomly one day typed in Thermostat Recycling Corporation on YouTube, and he must have been surprised at what he found. “There are some pretty good videos on YouTube,” he told me. I don’t know if I should have been surprised that he was surprised.

But it makes sense. Often these days, if you want to learn something that demands specific instructions or guidance, you turn to YouTube. My friend, who has been a writer for a long time, says YouTube has virtually decimated the “how-to” book market. Why read a book when it’s right there in front of you, not in “real” time, but in a visual and audio explanation that no manual can possibly match?

And let’s be honest. It’s much easier to watch and listen than it is to only read from instructions, whether it’s in print or a digital format.

If you type in Thermostat Recycling Corporation, what will you find?

Well, we have a cool 30-second video, entitled “Would you let your kids play with this?”  This brief video highlights the danger presented by mercury.

There’s also an informative five-minute-plus video of TRC’s Director of Utility Relationships Tom Murray’s presentation at the 2019 E Source Forum.

Then there’s a two-minute-plus video highlighting our work in Spanish.

There’s even a three-minute-plus video of yours truly explaining how to use our Realtime Report Guide. It’s not that complicated, but we believe the video makes it easier.

We have a few more, but you’re going to have to visit YouTube to find out.

And just maybe, of course, by drawing your attention to our YouTube presence, you might learn a bit more about what we do and how we do it. Think of it as fun learning.

And because we listen to our partners, if you feel that we should sponsor a video that is not in our YouTube library, let me know. We always welcome good ideas.

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