Thermostat Recycling Corp. Launches Redesigned Website

Thermostat Recycling Corp. Launches Redesigned Website

Posted April 26, 2021

Website Offers Improved Accessibility for Stakeholders and Consumers

New York, N.Y. — Thermostat Recycling Corp. (TRC), the country’s largest recycler of mercury-containing thermostats, has launched a redesigned website.

A desire to improve functionality prompted the redesign. TRC wanted to make it easier for consumers and stakeholders to visit the website and access useful tools and resources.

The new website officially launched on April 8.  The landing page boldly prompts visitors with a “Find a Thermostat Recycling Site Near You” offer. Visitors only have to enter their ZIP code to receive a list of partner recycling centers within a 25-mile radius. Generally, the collection sites are HVAC wholesalers or municipal recycling centers.

“We continue to maintain a close relationship with our partners and stakeholders, but we have increasingly seen an uptick in consumers who visit our website looking for a nearby location for recycling their old mercury-containing thermostats,” said TRC’s Danielle Myers, operations & compliance manager. 

“While contractors often conducted a change out for a new thermostat, consumers are more frequently willing to do it themselves. Those who are environmentally conscious end up asking themselves, ‘Where do I dispose of this old unit in a responsible manner?’ The redesigned website answers that question in a simple, easy and effective way. This is especially useful to the one-time recycling consumer.”

Other changes to the website include a click away to several topics, including:

  • Become a Partner
  • See Our Impact
  • Latest News
  • Homeowner Resources

The new trend of websites focuses on reducing clutter, requiring fewer clicks for visitors to get relevant information.

“With 20-plus years of experience, we have developed an understanding of who visits our website and the medium by which they do so,” said Myers. “We felt the redesigned website offers the clarity and ease of navigation everyone should have, especially on a mobile device, whether they are one-time users or longtime partners.”

Visit the redesigned website at


About Thermostat Recycling Corporation

Thermostat Recycling Corp., founded in 1998, is an industry-funded nonprofit corporation supported by 30 manufacturers that historically branded and sold mercury thermostats in the United States. TRC maintains a network of more than 3,600 collection sites nationwide and has recovered more than 2.5 million thermostats containing 12 tons of mercury since its inception. TRC assumes all costs to transport and properly dispose of mercury switch thermostats recovered from service. To learn more about TRC, visit

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