May Featured Collection Partner of the Month: Franklin Energy Services

May Featured Collection Partner of the Month: Franklin Energy Services

Posted May 2, 2016

Franklin Energy has been participating in TRC’s program since 2009. In the past four years alone they have collected 17,492 mercury thermostats, diverting more than 124lbs of mercury from solid waste! They are one of the leading utility companies in terms of TRC’s collections in the Midwest.

With over two decades in the industry, Franklin Energy designs and implements energy efficiency programs for utility, state and municipality clients nationwide and into Canada. The firm pinpoints goal-focused solutions for its clients and their customers across residential, multifamily, small business and commercial/industrial markets. As home of Efficiency@Work, Franklin Energy integrates all customer interaction including online application processing and in-field data collection through its technology suite.  Franklin Energy recently acquired Resource Action Programs, a designer and implementer of education based programs and kits. 

“Over the years, Thermostat Recycling Corporation has been a great resource in facilitating the responsible disposal of mercury-based thermostats collected through the implementation of Franklin Energy’s portfolio of energy efficiency programs.  We are proud to support TRC and all they do,”  Mark Stroub, Operations Manager

Franklin Energy has over 140 clients, with more than 30 branch locations across the U.S. and Canada.  Spanning Residential, Commercial and Industrial, Multifamily, Small Business, Agriculture & Education energy efficiency markets.

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