LIHEAP Helps California

LIHEAP Helps California

Posted August 30, 2018

California Labor HHS bill passed in the Senate, 85-7, with an additional $50 million for LIHEAP in FY19. 

The Labor HHS bill was tethered to the Defense bill in order to ensure passage and lower the chance of a government shutdown. 

The text of the bill as relates to LIHEAP is below: 
Appropriations, 2018: $3,640,304,000
Budget estimate, 2019 ………………………
Committee recommendation: $3,690,304,000

The Committee recommendation includes $3,690,304,000, an increase of $50,000,000 above fiscal year 2018, for LIHEAP, which provides home heating and cooling assistance to low-income households, generally in the form of payments to energy vendors on behalf of the recipient. Within the total, the Committee recommendation includes up to $2,988,000 for program integrity and oversight efforts, the same as the fiscal year 2018 level.
The House and Senate will still need to merge their bills after Labor Day when the House returns from recess. NEUAC will continue to monitor this process and keep you apprised of any news.

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