Let’s Get Familiar Again

Let’s Get Familiar Again

Posted November 2, 2020

When is the last time you visited Thermostat Recycling Corp.’s website? It might seem odd that I would devote a blog to suggesting that you should tour it again. The typical response might be a friendly “I’ve been there, done that.” I would suggest there is more to our website than you know or remember.

I mention this because I was chatting with a consultant friend of mine, and he made a confession. He regularly visits his clients’ websites to see if there are any changes or additions that he should be aware of in his representations. He confessed that occasionally he forgets or ignores a salient feature of his client’s activities. Yet there it is, right on the website. I was a bit surprised because he’s a conscientious consultant, but sometimes there are so many facets to an organization that smaller details are forgotten.

He really wanted to convey to me that it is rare that we remember all the salient features of our friends, clients, customers, and employers. I think it is fair to add websites to that list.

At this point, you’ve probably suspected my direction, which is to reintroduce you to our TRC website. I just want to highlight a few elements that you might find helpful.

The most notable feature is that you can find real-time progress reports of our collection efforts and, more importantly, your contribution status. When was the last time your location shipped thermostats back for processing?  Does TRC have current contact information for your branch? We have six categories and a video that walk you through how to use the report portal and find answers to these questions and more.

For wholesalers and contractors, a basic reminder is to sign up as a recycling partner. It’s under the signup tab. However, the most used feature on our website is the ZIP code locator that anyone can use to find the closest drop-off location for mercury thermostats.  The zip search can be found on almost every page.

One of the sections that seems to interest many people are the webpages concerning mercury recycling issues on a state-by-state basis. All you have to do is click on a state to learn how they deal with thermostats (and similar items)  from a recycling perspective. I had one program participant tell me how important this feature was because he operates in several states and uses it to save time and money. “Could you image how long it would take to burrow through websites in four states to find out how they treat thermostats from a waste perspective?” he said.

This is just a glimpse of what TRC’s website offers. Stop by for a refresher and to catch up on our latest news.

None of this is a surprise. Or is it?

If you have an idea on how to help us better communicate our mission and increase our goal of recycling mercury-containing thermostats, please let us know. I can’t promise that we’ll utilize your idea, but I can assure you that we’ll give your suggestion serious consideration as we begin a website redesign project slated to finalize in spring 2021. You can reach out to me at  Danielle.Myers@thermostat-recycle.org.

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