I Heard You on the Podcast

I Heard You on the Podcast

Posted July 29, 2020

If you haven’t listened to a podcast recently, the smart money says you will. Podcasts continue to be one of the fastest-growing platforms of new digital media, an easy way to reach customers, clients and people with a common interest or just to hear yourself expound on virtually any topic.  About 26% of Americans listen to a podcast every month.

I recently appeared on the HVAC Jerks podcast. The three hosts provide a humorous, informal, but informative “show” about issues all related to the HVAC industry. While they seem like unscripted, wisecracking personalities — they’re all that — their podcast is a learning laboratory that is fun, while giving you access to their creative take on important issues.

Appearing on the program allowed me to educate listeners about TRC’s mission. I had the opportunity to provide our historical background and the role we play as a major recycler of mercury-containing thermostats. I also was able to remind listeners how harmful mercury is to human and animal health. It didn’t hurt to remind listeners how many tons of mercury we’ve recycled.

I always like reaching out to our contractor and wholesaler partners about their role in the recycling process and why it’s so important. HVAC Jerks provided that platform. 

Because TRC has been around for more than two decades, it’s easy to presume that everyone’s heard about you and knows what you do. A former boss reminded me that you can never assume people know, nor should you ever stop reminding them about your message. Some people forget, and new people enter the industry. Always have that elevator pitch ready to go.

I had a blast joining the “jerks” and navigating their hilarious takes on mercury.  It isn’t easy to sum up their dynamic, but here is how the hosts describe themselves under the “Meet the Jerks” banner. 

Rich. Author and general HVAC guy with stupid hair. May not actually be from this planet.

Kevin. Contractor, knows almost as much as he thinks, and has endless drive and energy. Sounds like Beetlejuice.

Anonymous Joe. Sales guy, chef, knowledgeable about women’s shoes. Says he’s just in it for the money. Uhhh, the joke’s on him!”

Seriously, now, with that kind of stellar crew, how could you not tune in? To hear their podcast with yours truly as the guest, tune in at https://tinyurl.com/y5u8d7a7

You might learn something about TRC that you didn’t know, and I guarantee you’ll have a laugh or two.

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