How Good Are You, Really?

How Good Are You, Really?

Posted August 26, 2020

ecause we’re a country obsessed with measuring performance — grades, income, how many steps we walk — it’s inevitable that TRC also measures things. We do it mostly for practical, sound reasons. We track our performance, thus allowing us to measure whether we meet our goals, which is particularly important to our contributing partners. It proves that we deliver what we promise, and it helps to ensure our environment is safer.

I would suspect that our wholesale partners are familiar with one of our measurement processes.  It’s the one we use to track the results of our annual Banish Mercury Off the Planet contest.

We are grateful for their efforts, and the top three companies who recycle the most have historically received praise and public commendation at HARDI’s annual conference.

But there is another group in our thermostat world that also stands out for acclaim and yes, which we identify by measurement. I’m referring to our 10 Bin Club. Never heard of it? See how exclusive it is.

The 10 Bin Club is our monthly recognition of companies that have sent at least 10 bins of thermostats to TRC for recycling. When these partners reach this milestone, there is no clapping of hands, flashing lights or confetti streaming through the air. Yet, what they have done is exceptional and worthy of mention.

It is easy to pay lip service to the need and the imperative, if you will, of practicing environmentally sound practices, especially when dealing with a dangerous element like mercury.

 There is virtually no disagreement about this belief. What is different, or more precisely, who is different, are the partners that participate and do so with particular zeal and consistency that we can’t help but admire. There’s no Oscar ceremony for the 10 Bin Club members, nor is there a check in the mail. We only offer our thanks for a job well-done, and we appreciate your efforts at maintaining a high standard of follow-through. You don’t just talk a good game; you deliver it.

With that buildup, now is the time for public acknowledgment of the July members. Recent 10 Bin club members (including the location which participated) include A.B. May Co., Kansas City, MO; R.E. Michel Co. Inc., Beckley, WV; Rise Engineering, Hyannis, MA; T.F. Ehrhart Co., Quincy, IL; and United Refrigeration, Jackson, TN.

This returns us to the question posed in the headline of this blog: How Good Are You, Really? You can tell your friends (and competitors) that you’re very good at recycling mercury-containing thermostats, and membership in the 10 Bin Club proves it. And we thank you.

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