Earth Day

Earth Day

Posted April 22, 2024

Earth Day is April 22, and it’s a reminder of our collective responsibility to protect our planet and its natural resources. It is also a fitting moment to recognize the champions of Earth Day, who, in their own way, contribute to our belief that we must take action to have a healthy planet.

In some sense, Earth Day is every day for TRC because, as a stewardship organization, that’s what we do.  TRC’s mission is clear: to collect and properly dispose of old mercury-containing thermostats in an environmentally responsible manner, thereby preventing mercury pollution and safeguarding our planet’s health.

However, our impact exceeds our direct involvement. By recycling these units, we contribute to a cleaner environment in many ways. By diverting these devices from landfills, TRC helps prevent mercury from leaching into soil and waterways, protecting ecosystems and wildlife.

I don’t believe that we’re bragging when we say that we’ve done our part. TRC has recovered more than 3 million thermostats containing over 14 tons of mercury since its inception. Further, we have implemented a process that makes it easier for everyone to do so by assuming all costs to transport and properly dispose of mercury switch thermostats recovered from service.

TRC also understands that to reach our goal of removing that last mercury-containing thermostat, we will succeed only by having partnerships with various organizations. We have done this by creating a special relationship with HVAC contractors, manufacturers, government agencies and recycling centers. Working together, these partners form an essential network dedicated to sustainability goals and protecting the environment. This partnership has resulted in more than 3,600 collection sites throughout the United States.

I’d like to close with a message that expands beyond the “simple” Earth Day. All of us should think of every day as Earth Day, not just TRC. When you act as responsibly and thoughtfully as you can to make our environment safe for everyone, you are not only sending a message, but you are also living it through your actions. And that, in the end, is what will make Earth Day an especially important celebratory day.  

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