Corken Steel Products: A Commitment to Sustainable Recycling of Mercury Thermostats

Corken Steel Products: A Commitment to Sustainable Recycling of Mercury Thermostats

Posted July 13, 2023

As an active participant in the Thermostat Recycling Corporation’s (TRC) recycling program, Corken Steel Products takes a strategic approach to recycling mercury-containing thermostats. This stance is not merely about adhering to the guidelines but embodies the company’s drive for sustainable development, community enhancement, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that can have devastating environmental impacts if improperly disposed of. Corken Steel’s involvement in TRC’s recycling initiative addresses this concern head-on, supporting the extraction and secure disposal of mercury from thermostats. In this way, the company plays a vital role in preventing this harmful substance from infiltrating our air, soil, and water, thereby creating a cleaner, safer environment for all.

Corken Steel Products’ dedication to thermostat recycling not only benefits the environment but also helps strengthen relations within the community. The company’s commitment to protecting the planet resonates deeply with residents, fostering trust and enhancing Corken Steel’s reputation as a responsible, eco-conscious entity. Such proactive community involvement is instrumental in fostering a positive corporate image and strengthening community bonds.

Our proactive recycling approach also adds significant value to our customer relations strategy. By promoting responsible recycling of mercury-containing thermostats, the company gives customers an opportunity to participate in a noble cause. In an era when consumers are more conscious about environmental sustainability, companies taking a stand on such issues will probably enjoy higher customer loyalty and satisfaction. Customers appreciate companies that mirror their values, leading to long-term relationships and repeated business.

Environmental authorities heavily regulate mercury disposal due to its toxicity. By actively participating in the TRC’s program, Corken Steel Products is not only ensuring compliance with existing regulations but is also prepared for any future legislative changes. The company’s proactive recycling strategy significantly reduces the risk of potential regulatory issues, penalties, and related reputational damage.

Ultimately, our commitment to recycling mercury thermostats is a testament to Corken Steel’s vision of a sustainable future. It illustrates how businesses can merge commercial interests with environmental stewardship, creating a win-win scenario for themselves, their customers, and the environment.

Corken Steel’s active participation in TRC’s recycling program exemplifies how a commitment to environmental responsibility can have far-reaching positive effects on various aspects of a company’s operations. By undertaking this mission, we demonstrate our leadership role in promoting sustainable practices, showcasing the immense benefits of responsible business strategies.

Corken Steel Products’ involvement in this recycling initiative is a clear statement of the company’s belief in not just doing well but doing good – for the planet, the community, the customers, and their own sustainable future.


Jeff Corken is the president of Florence, Kentucky-based Corken Steel Products. It has operations in 17 locations in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. It won TRC’s Banish Mercury Off the Planet award for recycling the most mercury-containing thermostats in 2014.

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