And the Winners Are …

And the Winners Are …

Posted December 20, 2022

I recently returned from HARDI’S annual conference in Houston, dubbed “Ignite” to emphasize an explosion of energy and optimism in the HVACR wholesale business. Despite supply chain issues, the increasingly post-pandemic attitude and the business reality have merged to help infuse a burst of increased business for our HARDI partners, on whom we rely.

And the good news continues. For HARDI, it was the largest conference ever, supporting the idea that its content-laden event was a must-attend date for company leaders if they want to keep growing.

TRC had its moment, too. Throughout the year, we both promote and tout the progress of our Banish Mercury Off the Planet Contest. It reached a crescendo on Monday, Dec. 5, at the highly anticipated luncheon when HARDI publicly announced the winners. This year, they are Johnstone Supply, Progress Supply and Allied Refrigeration. While it is fitting to extol their valuable contribution, it is also appropriate to draw special attention to Johnstone Supply.

It is the 10th successive year that Johnstone Supply has recycled the most pounds of mercury collected. It’s an exceptional accomplishment and shows a companywide commitment to removing and recycling these thermostats. They deserve thanks from our industry and our citizens for this demonstrative commitment to a cleaner environment.

We value the exposure and announcement of the BMOP contest winners because it allows us to remind our partners that we succeed in our mission only because of their consistent and persistent participation. It isn’t glamorous work, and most probably don’t consider it particularly exciting, yet it is a valuable contribution to a safer and cleaner environment.

I wish to add that the conference also allows us to meet new acquaintances that are recent additions to the HARDI organization, giving us another opportunity to explain our mission. It also serves as a reminder to the HARDI members, especially during the conference booth program, that we have been the leaders in recycling mercury-containing thermostats for more than 24 years. Our goal remains constant, and with that thought, let’s continue to recycle during 2023.

Congratulations to our 2022 Winners, Johnstone Supply, Progress Supply and Allied Refrigeration.

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