A Quicksilver Thriller for TRC Supporters

A Quicksilver Thriller for TRC Supporters

Posted May 26, 2023

Most of us have heard the well-worked adage that “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life,” an observation by the eminent British writer and wit Oscar Wilde.

It happens even in the world of recycling thermostats.

Tom Murray, who served as a consultant to TRC for several years, has done so with his new book, “Operation Quicksilver: A Jack Ross Environmental Thriller.”

The title should be suggestive to readers familiar with our conversations about mercury. Quicksilver is another name for mercury and serves as a focal point in the novel. The promotional copy for this exciting book captures the essence of the plot.

“At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jack Ross and his Delta Force B-squadron are dispatched by the White House to track down and kill a Russian terrorist before he releases over 7,000 tons of stolen mercury, also known as quicksilver and a deadly neurotoxin, somewhere in the United States,” it says.

I’ll be honest, I’m not typically a reader of mysteries or thrillers, but I must say Tom had me reading late into the night. He creates and maintains the believability factor throughout the book, making each chapter a page-turner, which is the essential ingredient for any thriller. Tom does this well, pushing forward the pace of the action and the direction of events in a riveting style. He also accurately and somewhat grimly describes the potentially destructive nature and impact of vast amounts of mercury unleashed into our environment. It’s a terrifying thought, and Tom captures the facts and the nuances in grim descriptive prose.

Tom is an environmental expert who spent more than 25 years with the EPA. His grasp of environmental issues, particularly how mercury has or could have an impact, is welcomed for its accuracy combined with his storytelling ability.

I’m not going to print a spoiler except to note that this is both an enjoyable read and one that educates at the same time. A feat often challenging to achieve.

He describes the book, as noted, as a Jack Ross environmental thriller. That would suggest there is more to come; and if so, I’ll certainly be adding it to my reading list.

For supporters of TRC, Tom’s book raises the alarm of a potentially catastrophic mercury incident, one that will remain in his book. But the warning is actual, and Tom provides some examples of mercury’s nasty effects.

Tom Murray’s book, “Operation Quicksilver,” is available on Amazon in both printed and digital form. It’s worth a read!

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