A New Year’s Resolution and Another State Sunset

A New Year’s Resolution and Another State Sunset

Posted February 1, 2023

It’s always a pleasure to begin the New Year on a high note. First, of course, a warm welcome to all who commit themselves to recycling mercury-containing thermostats. If you are a regular recycler (or have been in the past), please consider this modest suggestion. Maybe you could add it to your New Year’s resolution list and try to exceed any past contributions. As we move forward, I recognize that it becomes increasingly difficult because we continue to make headway toward eliminating every last mercury thermostat. However, that’s why we set goals and start the year with new resolutions.

We also have another reason for celebrating. As of Jan.1, Illinois’ Mercury Thermostat Collection Act expired, which simply means they no longer have a mandate that applies to collecting mercury thermostats. This did not happen in a vacuum. Our decades-long efforts are paying off.

This does not mean we will walk away or reduce our efforts for collections in Illinois. Instead, just as I mentioned in my July blog about California passing a sunset law, it establishes that Thermostat Recycling Corp., its partners and wholesalers have been doing their job. It also says Illinois legislators recognize our decades of effort and success. Indeed, an impetus for this law is demonstrating our good faith during these decades and measuring units we collected and safely recycled. The numbers do speak for themselves.

I’d like to repeat two sentences I wrote in a previous blog. While I wrote them in the context of the California sunset law, they apply to Illinois and any other states that follow.

As you might expect, our numbers will decrease because of our previous successes. But our diligence and dedication remain.

This sentiment is how I want to reassure our partners, supporters and the public that we’re here to stay until we finish the job.

Allow me to close on a familiar theme, and that is the collection process. Around March, we will begin to read news stories about how many people – a majority, I suspect – failed to keep their New Year’s resolution, for a plethora of reasons. It happens; it’s human nature. I would politely suggest to our HVACR contractors, our first line of collection, that they glance at the green bin the next time they visit their supply house. That’s a reminder to return those mercury-containing thermostats when you replace them.

Here’s to a great year ahead!

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