Iowa State Laws

Sales Ban: The sale of mercury thermostats is prohibited.

Installation Ban: The installation of mercury thermostats is prohibited.

Disposal Ban: The disposal of mercury thermostats in solid waste is prohibited.

Mandatory Contractor Recycling: HVAC contractors and Demolition Contractors are required to recycle all mercury thermostats removed service.

Collection Program Requirements

Mandatory Wholesale Distributor Collection: HVAC wholesale distributors are prohibited from selling any thermostat unless their location(s) are acting as a collection point for waste.

Mandatory Manufacturer Funded Collection and Recycle: Manufacturers that historically branded and sold mercury thermostats in Iowa are required to individually or collectively participate in a collection program.

Recycling Your Old Mercury-Containing Thermostats

In 2008, mercury thermostat collection legislation was passed in Iowa requiring thermostat manufacturers to establish collection programs for contractor and consumer-generated mercury thermostats. The legislation also requires all HVAC wholesale distributors with facilities in Iowa to act as a collection point for waste mercury thermostats.

It is illegal to dispose mercury thermostats in solid waste in Iowa. HVAC contractors must recycle all mercury thermostats they remove from service. It is illegal to leave them at the customer’s premise. TRC is the easiest and cheapest way to comply with Iowa law.

TRC provides collection containers to HVAC wholesale distributors, HVAC contractors, household hazardous waste collection programs, and thermostat retailers in Iowa for a nominal one-time charge.

How can you participate in the program?

Bring your mercury-containing thermostat to any TRC collection location for proper disposal. To locate a collection point, please use the search tool on this site. HVAC contracting businesses with seven or more technicians or those serving rural communities may participate directly in the program by ordering a collection container.

State Information on Mercury Thermostats: Iowa Department of Natural Resources

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