School and University Employees

Hello California school and university employees!

Did you know that it’s illegal in the state of California to throw out a mercury thermostat with your regular trash and that there is a fine of up to $70,000 for each mercury thermostat that is not recycled?

As a Californian contractor, you are eligible for a $5 rebate for each mercury thermostat you recycle with the TRC program.

Click the button below to obtain your $5 per mercury thermostat rebate form! After filling it out, simply place your mercury thermostat and rebate in a plastic bag and drop if off at a local collection site.

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If you have multiple mercury thermostats to recycle or are expecting more mercury thermostats in the future, click here to order a free collection bin! Place your mercury thermostats inside the collection bin and FedEx will pick up the bin to return to TRC (shipping is free of charge). Once we receive your bin, we will send you $5 per mercury thermostat!

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