Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly-Meatless Mondays

You may have heard the term “Meatless Mondays” before. You may also already participate. This concept is a way to help improve personal health and the health of the planet we all share. 

Why Monday? Well, beside the alliteration, research shows people are generally more likely to try healthier behaviors at the start of the week. Come Monday, the week has reset; there is a clean slate. Eating more plant based foods help reduce risk of disease, help lower your cholesterol and helps you maintain a healthy weight. There are various non-meat foods that can provide you all the protein you need in a day.

Meat production contributes heavily to the deterioration of the environment. Livestock, in particular, creates more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation, and uses 75% of land used for agriculture. Meat production also uses an incredible amount of water. For instance, one quarter pound burger takes 425 gallons of water to produce. 

If you’re looking for ways to be healthier in your personal life and combat climate change at the same time, start small with Meatless Mondays. 

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