The Proper Disposal of Lightbulbs

Not all light bulbs are created equal. Some can simply and safely be discarded in your regular trash; some should be recycled. What should you do with non-viable incandescent, flourescent or LED bulbs?

Incandescent light bulbs can safely be thrown in the trash, as they do not contain any harmful chemicals. Just remember to be careful putting them in the trash because they can easily break. If you don’t want any shards of glass in your trash, you may want to to surround any incandescent light bulbs with plastic or other old materials. You can even recycle incandescent light bulbs if you so choose. Places like Home Depot and Ikea have recycling programs.

Fluorescent light bulbs actually contain mercury, which as you know, is quite toxic. You certainly should not throw these away in the trash. You’ll have to recycle them. Various home improvement stores and local recycling centers are likely to accept fluorescent light bulbs.

LED lights also contain no harmful products, so they can be thrown away. But, just like incandescent bulbs, they can be recycled. Check with your recycling company about whether or not they will take them.

Thermostat Recycling Corporation specializes in recycling mercury thermostats, but we are always happy to help others learn more about recycling in general!

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