Recycling Computers

It’s time for a new computer, but what to do with your old computer? If you think you can simply throw it in the trash, or put it with your curbside recycling, think again and do some research first. You’ll need to properly recycle it since the inside of your computer has precious metals and other materials that are hazardous to the environment. 

Find a local retailer that recycles, or a local firm that will dispose of it properly. But, before doing so, be sure to take any personal or important information off of the computer. This way, you can prevent identity theft and save important data for later use. 

Additionally, if you need to dispose of a laptop, you may need to remove the battery and recycle that separately. 

If your computer is gently used, but you want a newer one, consider selling or donating the one you want to replace. Reusing the computer will be more environmentally friendly, and you could get a little cash to put towards your new computer.

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