Reasons to Invest in a Reusable Coffee Cup

For those of us on the go, especially in the morning, coffee is usually a necessity to help get us going. Stopping at a coffee shop regularly adds up, both monetarily and in terms of waste. 

Investing in a good travel coffee cup means you can save money, and reduce waste. Making coffee at home and taking it with you to work, school or wherever you’re headed will save you money over time. Over time, the cup will pay for itself. In addition, you can choose a design that fits your personality. You can even bring the reusable cup to your favorite coffee shop if you really crave what they have to offer! 

Reducing your waste is equally important. Various disposable coffee cups do not get properly recycled and end up in a landfill. Additionally, the plastic that lines paper cups, polyethylene, is extremely difficult to recycle. Plus, less paper used to make the cups equals less trees being cut down. The plastics used for lids may also contain harmful products that you could ingest. Some coffee shops also use styrofoam, which is not recyclable. 

Overall, it is better to use a reusable cup than a disposable one. You can buy them almost anywhere! Your favorite coffee shop may also sell their own cups and offer discounts if you bring their cup in for a cup of coffee. 

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