Household Carbon Footprint Calculator

Our day to day activities may cause emissions of greenhouse gases, making a bigger carbon footprint than intended. These range from using gasoline to drive from home to school or work or to run errands, using oil or gas to heat your home or electricity powered by coal, natural gas and oil. These all vary by each individual and their location, and may seem unavoidable. However, you can find ways to decrease your footprint using the EPA’s carbon footprint calculator

Calculate your carbon footprint and consider what factors of your everyday life contribute the most. Consider a more energy efficient car to use less gas (think a hybrid or fully electric car). Adjusting the amount of time you have to spend in traffic and driving will generally add or subtract to the emissions of greenhouse gases. A well-insulated home and an energy efficient furnace equate to less greenhouse gases when it comes to heating your home. Additionally, recycling more means less waste going to a landfill. There is a lot to consider each day that can help limit your footprint in small ways, but lead to big savings for our environment. 

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