Disposing of Batteries

Do you have a bunch of old batteries you think you can’t throw away in the trash? Well, it turns out that many single-use, household batteries (AA, AAA, etc.) can be thrown out as they no longer (and haven’t for quite some time) are produced with mercury. (Although, it is still illegal in the state of California).

If you prefer a more sustainable lifestyle, and want to recycle anything that can be recycled, know this includes batteries as well. Each battery does contain a small amount of reusable materials, such as zinc, manganese and steel, so better to recycle than to not!

Your local household hazardous waste collection site will likely accept them, but be sure to check first. You can also find a mail in program if you have a large quantity that a local site won’t take. Learn more here. Leading a more sustainable life benefits us all, so always remember to reuse and recycle.

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