Coastal Plumbing Supply

Coastal Plumbing Supply​

Coastal Plumbing Supply was founded in March 1972, by Alexander A. Federico, Jr. Al. A tradesman from Brooklyn in the early 60’s, he wanted to get involved in the business of plumbing supplies. He acquired a small, Staten Island-based supply house in the Stapleton section of Bay Street and later opened a Kitchen & Bath Showroom on New Dorp Lane which served only the local Staten Island market. He built the company around customer service and offering high quality products at competitive prices.

Young and ambitious, Al’s sons – Alex and John – have since expanded Coastal’s market share across the Northeast, with the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area as our primary focus. It is on the backs of family and a dedicated, educated, and hard-working staff that Coastal Plumbing Supply keeps on growing while expanding our territory.

The continued success of Coastal Plumbing Supply is due, in large part, to Al’s simple business Model: “Take care of your customers.” The entire team always keeps this in mind, and it has been an integral factor that sets Coastal apart from others in the wholesale distribution industry. A core company focus on customer satisfaction and attention to detail continues to drive the success of the organization.

Markets served: 4 Locations serving New York & New Jersey with the following supplies: Plumbing, Heating, Kitchen & Bath, HVAC, Irrigation, Fire Sprinklers, and Refrigeration.

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